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Are You Ready To Make The Commitment?




"The Trainers are so personable and awesome. The workouts are tough, they really push me, which I love!!!! And class size is SMALL which is my favorite part of this class; I don't feel like just a number. I've been with Leaksfitness for about a year now, and they have helped me so much with my mental and physical health. 50lbs down AND passed my Army PT test, I am faster and stronger than ever. Would not be where I am today without this place; without this FAMILY."



"As a varsity high school lacrosse coach, I can attest that we have seen massive improvements from our guys who have trained with LeaksFitness in the offseason. It is obvious that our guys have made significant athletic progress but they also have matured, on a personal level. Rob and his staff have done a great job of getting them to buy into the process of training the right way and we can sense the added motivation and desire to keep improving. I would absolutely LeakFitness to any high school or college athlete who is looking to take their game to the next level."



"LeaksFitness is second to none. From day one they have treated my 8 year old son like family. My son looks up to Jarvis as his life long coach and respects him fully. This is not something that happens naturally, this is something that is earned. I would recommend LeaksFitness for anyone looking for personal training, weight loss, conditioning, etc."

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